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Chicane-UK    674
We have very similar set ups. check this post, and compare the tv to my xbox360 lol.

That was the 52", but I got a 46" now, because the 52" gave me headaches

P.S. the W models have an update for them, check online at sony.com and see if yours applys, it should. That blu-ray player has 9 updates I think

Quite similar indeed. I've just got a nice, basic dark Ikea wide TV stand with my Blu-Ray, the Xbox 360 and my Cambridge DTT3500 amp all in the shelf bit!

Cheers for the heads up about updates as well. I admit I've not plugged my blu-ray player into the net yet, nor have I even looked into firmware updates (the concept still seems alien for TV's!) but I'll be sure to do that when I get home (stuck at my parents for a few more days for xmas!)

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Andrew Lyle    336

Just an update:

I returned my 52" HDTV for a 46" (same model), where they charged me $1899.99 for the TV, instead of $1799.99 (because of the blu-ray player, which was listed as 0.00 on the recipt).

anyways, I went after boxing day, because it was advertised lower for $1499.99 in the flyer, and they gave me $400 back! So i ended up getting a free blu-ray player, haha

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