January 2009 Desktops


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January's desktop. Last month was a giant HP logo close up for some hardware pride, so this month of gone with a bit of OS pride.


could you post a link to that wallpaper please

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From the description on DeviantArt:

My desktop.. as of today.

Yes, that is a Lego Minifig being dropped in water as my desktop.

I liked the abstract quality of it and I (as many of you know) love Legos.

Things to see (in the full view):

Good Eats DVDs (x2).

Lego Watch container.

Pill box.


Three books I'm going to get to after I read the one that's sitting under the

Xbox Controller and wireless mic receiver.

Xbox 360.

LG Shine Cu720 (with Lego logo wallpaper of course!).

Lego watch.

Lego guy on motorcycle.

Porcelain turtle my parents got me in Mexico.

DS (with Clubhouse games on the inside).

2x Boxes of Creme de Menthe Altoids (The best flavor EVER).

Cherry coke (drink of choice right now).

Sound switch boxes (so I can watch tv, play 360 without having PC sound on).

My beast of a computer.

Second monitor displaying Dish Network.

My atomic wrist watch on top of the

Logitech G15 keyboard, next to

Logitech G9 mouse on my

Mouse rug.

Broken headphones on primary monitor.

Portable Uniden phone.

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you looks too clustered Andrew-DB... Donate me something

Everything is exactly where it should be in order for me to find it .. :)

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Simple and clean setup: objectdock, rainlendar (old version), cd art display and a custom samurize config I made to simulate the vista sidebar


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