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SALEDUCIO, Italy, May 14 (UPI) -- A 101-year-old woman in Saleducio, Italy, is campaigning to become the oldest town counselor in the country in the upcoming June 6-7 elections.

Maria Donati, who will be 102 in September, is running for the town council on the Civic Non-Party Ticket For the Common Good in the same village that her granddaughter, Roberta, is running for mayor, ANSA reported Thursday.

Donati's daughter and son-in-law are also running for positions on the Saleducio council.

''I want to improve the roads around here and listen to everyone's problems as I have always done,'' said Donati, who has eight grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. ''One thing is sure: I have a century's worth of experience to draw on." :happy:


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Good for her. You go, girl.

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I'd hit ... No, wait, I wouldn't. :|

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