Guy says he tipped off Microsoft about Neowin

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Maybe he is an ex-neowinian wanting to get even.

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LOL :laugh: this guy really has problems, I guess he's looking for money cause if you report something like piracy and it's true and the company whoever it may be makes a bust you could get cash rewards. I've known people who have done so and made a good deal of money. Personally, who cares, I don't think Microsoft will give a rats ass, they've got bigger problems like VLK iso's and product keys to worry about. Who cares about a beta :p The more people trying and testing, the better Microsoft can make the product if they get feedback. I mean if Porsche was able to keep Cayenne photos away from the press for like 5 years, Surely Microsoft would know and be able to control beta realease if they wanted to.

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yea.. oops! :blush: i mean.. the u and the a are so close on the keyboard. cant you see how that might have happened?


it still says gay

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He's the guy who's life is so empty that he fills the void by reporting random news sites to microsoft.

It's like the bully's friend on the playground, all he does is support the bully just to boost his own ego.

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I got a reply from that guy:

Hi Tony,

I'm realy sorry that you have no complete information about NeoWin issue.

Take a read?

I think that I did nothing wrong, becouse I've contacted Microsoft on

March 3 (after NeoBond told me a lot of offending words),

while NeoBond contacted them on 16 February (2 weeks earlier).

-----Original Message-----

From: Tony Moser []

Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 11:04 PM


Haha, your english sucks. It's like reading something someone with down

syndrome would write.

You're an assclown though. You're a ****tard. A *********** dip****.

Why would you even do that?

Is your life so pathetic that you have to "tattle" on websites?

How much warez do you have on your comp? Maybe we should send MS after you.

See what they turn up.

God, there aren't enough insults and profanities for me to accurately bash

you. Godamn language.

Go get a ****ing life.

Some of the things that humored me:

"The nickname Neobond is a combination of Neo from the movie Matrix (picture to the left) and James Bond (picture to the right). These two inspired me to be known as Neobond."[/i]>

So NeoBond is a New James Bond in current Matrix world. There is no rules of Matrix for Neo and there is no trade secrets for James Bond.

ROFL@@!!! :rofl:: :laugh:: Now that is really desparate.

Take a look at this too:

Just shows how truly pathetic this guy is. :no::

What a sad little man...

Edit: After reading all the "facts" on his site, I still stand by my email that I sent to him. In fact, i think I was too nice... :ninja::

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What a loser.

Trying to win Microsoft over by brown-nosing and creeping up to them.

I'm *sure* he buys ALL of his software legitimately, and would never consider using unauthorised beta applications! No, really! (drips with sarcasm)

What I dont get is why he is trying to get Neowin in trouble? He is obviously into computers, we are all into computers? What the hell is his problem OR his point? What a dumbass!

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i love it when puny people try to chop a giant down...

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how silly.. :huh:

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sounds like he runs his operation from "ye best lil chicken ranch in odessa"

lamers and chickenz go well together .... :devil:

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Ren (Killshot)

Beta files are for beta signed up users, if neowin provides them for download then they are breakin a rule that microsoft has made, bragging about it is stupid, but so is Neowin 4 providing the files to download

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sounds like a jelous dude trying to make a name for himslef, and threads like this is probably what he likes to see....

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someone should suck his lungs out with a Geforce FX..!!!!

that'll teach that guy a lesson..!!! :)

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I think its in order that this guy be spammed in his email and have his ****ty ass website defaced.

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what a looser! i mean this guy seriously has no life!

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Christ what a sad little man he is, he obviously has nothing better to do. I myself personally come to this website for the following reasons:

- Find out about the latest news (software / hardware)

- Find out about future news (software / hardware)

- Ask & answer questions (that's how we all learn)

Neowin is a great resource and this "guy" is kinda' sad in my opinion, can't he create a more constructive website instead of slagging off others. It's as if he has nothing better to do, and I bet that he has never done anything naughty, eg, downloaded an Mp3 in his lifetime or extended WinZip's life etc.

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he had nothing better to do than troll the site and wait for his 12 seconds of fame.

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The funny thing is if you go to the MS Expert Zone and look at the bottom right corner Neowin is mentioned as a featured community partner.

Why this guy thinks MS has a problem or should have a problem with Neowin is beyond me.

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stupid guy for doing that...

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