The Neowin Most Valuable Contributor (MVC) Program

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The Neowin Most Valuable Contributor (MVC) Program

The MVC program was created by Neowin staff to provide special recognition to those members who go “above and beyond”. Whether it is by contributing to questions or problems posted in the forum or by providing original and valuable content, they enhance the atmosphere of Neowin and exemplify the “members helping members” philosophy around which the Neowin forums were created.

It was our desire to acknowledge those who have been long time loyal and dedicated contributors - those who care about our site and are always willing and anxious to help others, and who do so in a patient and intelligent manner. The special MVC designation also identifies those whose input has been the most consistent and helpful over the long haul to our new members.

In order to be considered for the MVC award, we expect members to have at least one year with us as a member, as well as a minimum of 500 posts. And, as stated above, we look at individuals who have enhanced Neowin with their help toward others through problem solving, technical assistance, or other friendly actions. We also look at warn histories to make sure that behavior has not been an issue. Because we consider the MVC award to be given to the best examples of our members, only a select few will be honored.

We will have staff / current MVCs vote twice a year on prospective candidates.

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