A Humble Request From The Mod Squad.

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Minifig    40

Hi Folks..

Minifig here.

If you get a strange log on prompt from -ANY- users signature or on any forum pages, please do not follow through with typing in your user name and password.

As such, the Mod Squad has asked the offending site (which will not be named) to be added to filters for automatic URL parsing and filtering, meaning if you use it as a "photo host" or whatever, it will no longer work.

As of posting this, the Dev-Squad has heard our request and this will be implemented immediately, however, if you find any users signatures with a sign in prompt, PLEASE file a p_report.gif!



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Laura    147

I would like to add that we don't think it's the users doing this deliberately, but possibly an issue with the host of their sig. image.

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