Neowin Giveaway: HP Data Vault X510 2TB


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From the front Page:


As this thread has become a spam can, each user can now only enter once. The thought was to leave this thread as an open conversation and not spam grenade the thread, alas the internet has shows its true face again. You can only enter this contest once (total) to ensure fairness among all users and those who can?t enter multiple times per day.

If you have already entered the contest multiple times don?t worry you are not disqualified; we will base it off of your username in the thread.

Note: If you enter the creative prize competition, please PM me a link to your forum this thread will likely have numerous pages, I dont want to miss any entries...Good Luck!

1. Jake's Mediablab

2. Hardwaresphere

3. Slashgear

4. Geekazine

5. Absolutely Windows

6. Gottabemobile

Also, here are links to the other websites who will be giving away another Data Vault and are entering contestants for the creative prizes too:

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