[Fantasy] Neowin Premiership Season 2010 - 2011

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Calling All Neowinians! - Seventh Annual Fantasy Premier League!

Once again it is time to begin The Official Premiership Fantasy Football Thread! :)

The new league code is 199330-55638

The competition is now into it's seventh year.

Congratulations once again to John Simpson for winning 09/10 league, cruising comfortably to victory for the second year running. Is this the year where a new winner will top the table, or will John's Liverpool Yangers continue in their assault on the top place?

Previous Winners:

10/11 - .............................................?

09/10 - John Simpson's Liverpool Yangers

08/09 - John Simpson's Liverpool Yangers

07/08 - Telvinder Dosanjh's Tel's Terrors 2

06/07 - Andy Saunders' FaRSightxc2's Team

05/06 - Andy Saunders' FaRSightxc2's Team

04/05 - Pete Gaulton's The Toffeemen

So, who are the key men for this year?

Due to the world cup, and the restrictions of financial positions within the club, and of course the credit crunch, there have been very few big signings across the board for Premiership clubs. The next few weeks will be telling as clubs look to see who is available, and make further additions to their squads. Manchester City look to be exceptions to the rule, as they continue to make big-name signings. But can the new players acclimatise quick enough to the conditions and competitive nature of a gruelling Premiership season?

With Gerrard off the boil last year and Lampard, despite a poor world cup, banging in the goals last year, he looks to be the main man in the middle, especially with Fabrigas' head apparently turned by the lure of La Liga. Rooney also looks out of sorts, and there are big question marks over Torres too. Is it time to look at other striking options this year? Sir Alex has come out and put his faith in Berbatov, who has thus far performed well in pre-season, so perhaps he would be a good choice as a number one striker?

In terms of defence, Stoke and Fulham have once more proved they can be tough cookies to crack - their home form excellent throughout the season. The lack of goals conceded might mean their defenders are worth a punt.

But what of the new powers in the Premier League, set to claim and consolidate their position in the Top Four? Tottenham Hotspur under Harry Redknapp last season showed their ability to be solid at the back, but more importantly demonstrated a flair and ability to score goals from any position. With the likes of Lennon, Modric and Kranjcar in midfield, they could be good choices for an attacking midfield option. Also Manchester City - although failing to qualify for the Champions League - will be raring to go this season under Manchini. The money they have at their disposal is frightening and with class players like Adibayor and Tevez, they are most certainly going to be in the mix next season. But with so many players at their disposal, the only problem for the Fantasy Football manager is guessing who is actually going to start the games for them this season - there will be many players left warming the bench due to the depth of talent in the squad.

Of course, there are also the newly promoted teams. West Brom and Newcastle are old hands in the Premier League - they know how to compete and will be looking to use their experience to stay in the league. Blackpool on the other side of things will be new to the league - competing for their first time - will they be able to show the resilience needed to stay up? Certainly, there will be bargain players to be had from these sides.

As usual, to newcomers, it might help to take a quick look at the rules:

For those that haven't played before, go to http://fantasy.premi....com/index.html and click REGISTER. Follow the instructions, read the rules (link below), pick a team and register for the Neowin league. This is done by clicking 'Leagues' on the right hand side, entering the number ''199330-55638" into the box, and clicking 'Join League'.

You can make transfers - one a week for free - but if you make any more in the same gameweek 4pts will be deducted from your total score. However, if a transfer is not made for two gameweeks, two free transfers will be allowed. Players get points for things such as playing 60 mins, scoring, keeping a clean sheet or getting assists. However, the Fantasy Manager should be aware that players can also lose points for yellow or red cards. All rules, regulations, including how scoring works etc are listed in the following link: HELP/Rules. This includes info on how players score, when substitutes get points etc. Also look out for the 'Transfer Wildcard' option which is now available ( Transfer Help ). This enables you to make an unlimited amount of transfers in a single gameweek for free at one point during the season.

Once again, good luck to everyone!!

I'm not going to promise I will be any more active in the thread during the coming year, very busy at the moment, but I will try and pop in periodically to post updates as and when :D

Good Luck All!

- FaRSightxc2

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Right, so as I have 5 mins a super Schnell update for us all:

At the moment, we have newcomer to the league Praneal Baldoo leading the way with 214 points, after holding on to top spot from last week by scoring a weeks-best with 78 points!

John Simpson maintains his excellent record, being near the top of the group, sitting in second with 199 points!

London Bridge FC, Black Dynomite & Ipscratch Town then complete the top five with only one point between them: Anurag Khetan leading the others by one point with 189, whilst 4th and 5th place are tied with 188...!

On a personal level, I am sitting down in 14th place after a woeful score of 40 this week! :p

Still, long, long, long way left to go!

- FaRSightxc2 :alien:

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