WinRAR 4.00 Beta 2


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Changes in Version 4.00 beta 2:

1. "Reenter password for verification" field is not displayed in password dialog when extracting or opening an encrypted archive. It is present only when archiving and only if "Show password" option is off.

2. If you enabled "Use for all archives" option when entering the default password (Ctrl+P) and specified the empty password, extract and test commands will skip all encrypted archives.

3. If you prefer to use "Install" button instead of "Extract" in SFX module, but do not need any setup programs, you can add "Setup=<>" command to archive comment or enter "<>" as setup name in "Advanced SFX options" dialog. We changed it to "Setup=<>" instead of "Setup" as in the first beta, because presence of specific parameter allows to enable this mode also through "Advanced SFX options" dialog, by entering "<>" as setup name.

4. Bugs fixed:

a) extraction operation activated from Explorer context menu could fail if several archives were selected and processed at once;

b) WinRAR window title did not contain the current disk name, when browsing the root disk folder;

c) items related to extraction were not present in Explorer context menu for 7-Zip self-extracting archives;

d) sorting by "Type" in WinRAR shell did not work inside of archives.

Thanks they fixed the password thing. Bah, Im not sure because I didnt test this beta.

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