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So I'm getting a little bored with my Hero, but I want to wait till Feb/March when HTC release some new Gingerbread/Honeycomb phones.

In the mean time, I've been considering flashing VillainROM 12 or FroydVillain.

I know that I will need to completely wipe the phone, so I've backed up my apps using Astro.

Question: what happens to apps such as Shazam that have changed since I first got them? I mean, when I got Shazam, it had unlimited they've limited the free version. If I resintall Shazam from my backup, would I still have unlimited tags?

And what is a NAND backup?


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NAND backup is a complete backup of your phones. Settings, apps, ROM, themes, wallpapers basically EVERYTHING on your phone.

And yes, as long as you restore it from your backup. It will still have unlimited tagging. One of the many advantages of hanging on to those old APKs.

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