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Jittery GPS on San Francisco/ZTE Blade

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kalkal    399

So, whenever I use this phone for anything GPS related, GPS feedback is rather gittery, it's like it's really low resolution. I can walk up to 10 metres before it updates and it might put me quite offset from where I actually am as it updates.

I can actually be stood on the spot and have it jitter 5 metres or so in any direction. When I'm walking it can go from putting me in the right location, to jumping me to the next parallel street and back again.

Something it seemed to do when I first got it was report how accurate it's reading is, by x amount of meters but it's stopped that.

Just wondered what might be causing this. I know it's a budget phone and I feel it's likely linked to that? Is it just cheap parts?

Oh, on top of this, even Google Sky map is quite jittery too.

Not in a slow framerate sort of way either, it really does seem quite unstable, it flicks from one point in the sky to another as you smoothly rotate the phone around. Skymap uses the digital compass and the accelerometer, right?

If that's not a problem, it could obviously be a software thing and I'm using JJ9.

That's it really, what do you think?

I know there are a few others here with this phone, do you get the same GPS issues?

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