September Desktops


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My last september desktop.


1. Longhorn build 4029...

2. Rainlendar

3. Winamp 5 pre-alpha w/Longhorn skin (found on deviantart)

4. Enterprise wallpaper (donno where found...)

5. ICQ w/icq plus w/Longhorn skin (found on

6. Default longhorn icons

7. default longhorn (plex) style

faaaaaaaaar too much icons :blink:

nahh... that arent too much icons :D

very nice doofy!

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ok here we go, this is my desktop at work. i found out my boss actually thinks its a great idea to personalize your workspace like this. improves morale for some reason. i also get headphones and get to listen to music.

vs: aluminum alloy by kol

wallpaper: shine by coffeee

icons: icandy juniour by foood icandy juniour thread

if you want to see my desktop in full, copy and paste this address into your address bar (my host doesnt allow hotlinking of images):


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*September/October Desktop*

Theme: By Me (Unreleased).

Wallpaper: By Me.

Icons: iCandy Junior (With Some Custom And Converted By Me).

Samurize: By Me (Current Weather, Hardrive Space, iPod Space, Free Memory, Date/Time).

Rainlender: By Me (Calender To Match Samurize).

Start Menu Mod: By Me (Opens Up iPod Contents In Windows Explorer).

[Animated Picture - Image Size Reduced...]

- PM Me For Anything Else... :happy:


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:s You messed up the full start panel mod :s It looks crap :s

I'll make a full start menu tomorrow...

In the meantime:

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

were can I get that tight FF7 wallpaper?? :happy:

I had to make it out of this crappy image so it's not ideal, I'll email it to ya.

SORRY !! i just followed the guide in reverse :angry:

Uhh, calm down...

handsome, any chance of me getting that wallpaper? :whistle:

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