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'Gay cure' Apple iPhone app: more than 80,000 complain

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Subject Delta    108

And using that repressed hatred, being intolerant, as a means to become equal to those who oppress is justified in what way?

They are intolerant of the hatred being spoken against them? Why should they tolerate that kind of hatred.

Real Christianity has no place for bigotry, I'd just like to point that out. There are way too many people misrepresenting it.

I have to agree. I know a few Christians that I would consider "real" and they are the most loving and tolerant people I know. 100% of those people that preach hate are not real Christians at all.

Your country is operated under a religious cloud, you just don't realise the kind of hatred that Christianity causes. It's not a tolerant religion at all, looking at the bible belt tells you what Christianity really causes

Thank you for re-inforcing my assumption.

Just one problem... I am not actually gay.

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Calum    819

To play devil's advocate for a moment, suggesting a cure for something =/= hating those who have it. Otherwise, there'd be a LOT of people out there who are hateful and intolerant towards cancer patients.

I know, that wasn't your point... but still :p

You do make a valid point :p

Perhaps me suggesting the application is full of hate was a little too far. Originally I said that because it is clear to anyone with a brain that sexuality is not something that requires a cure; thus, I deduced people would suggest otherwise only if they exercise prejudice against homosexuals. I stand by that, but still agree that referring to such prejudice as "hatred" is probably not the best consideration; it is more down to people being either misguided or ignorant.

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Calum    819

And it was pulled:

Apple pulls 'gay cure' iPhone app

I guess freedom of speech and expression only applies to homosexuals.

Tis a sad day when equality is not applied equally.

Now I wonder though... would Apple pull an app that promotes homosexuality or a way for homosexuals to connect if the religious complained vociferously?

Freedom of speech has its limits, which is why there are laws against hate speech or speech which is used to incite hatred, intolerance, or bigotry.

The creators of this application promote "freedom from homosexuality," which means they are promoting intolerance of homosexuality; they are suggesting people should not tolerate homosexuality. Such speech is wrong because it further fuels actual hatred toward homosexuality.

This situation is the same as if a company released an iPhone application that promoted "freedom from ethnic minorities"; an app which suggested how people can live a life with as minimal contact to people of ethnic minorities as possible. Obviously the situation would only be exactly the same if Apple rated such an application a '4', asserting it contains "no questionable content."

In order for you to not be a hypocrite, you must state you agree that the application I described above contains no questionable content and is fine for distribution in society. Quite frankly, I'm sure most would agree that this quality of yours is sickening.

Valid question I suppose.

I'm not gay and I'm not religious but I find that in general both of those groups are as intollerent as each other.

Homosexuals and bisexuals only tend to be intolerant of religion when that religion's views (or the views of some who practice that religion) are intolerant of them; essentially: It is often the views of religious people that begin the intolerance. Most decent people would agree that if people are intolerant of a group of people first, it is fine to be intolerant of those who were originally intolerant because otherwise they will not learn and will continue to promote such bigotry.

If we allowed religious people to continue to promote immoral views, and didn't promote how immoral those views are, more and more people would believe such views are acceptable.

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d4v1d05    13

All these people waahing about freedom of speech do realise that freedom of speech laws only apply to governments, not private companies. Apple can do whatever the hell they please with peoples freedom of speech as they see fit. Get off your high horses, and if it matters that much, file a counter-complaint to Apple?

The main problem with this app is that it doesn't work, and as such is misleading!

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