Looking for a new camera bag, need advice

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Hey all!

I'm looking for a new camera bag to fit my Sony A200 with 70-300mm lens, a standard 18-75mm lens, flash gun, tripod, iPad and if possible a tripod holder. Also odds and sods.

My current bag is a shoulder bag, its bulky and unconformable to carry when walking long distances. I'm also a fairly large chap (I enjoy way to much food) so some backpacks can be uncomfortable especially if the have a waist belt.

Ideally I want something that is comfortable and if possible would hold my kit mentioned above.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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I have a quantaray pro bag. Works pretty well for all my gear.

You'll want to buy a bag that has a little room to grow. It'd be pretty pointless to buy a bag and then buy 1 new piece of gear and have no where to store it!

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lowepro fastpack 350. Great backpack and I can use it for non-photography related stuff (E.g cycling to and from work, laptop holder fits a pump and bike lock nicely, jacket in camera/lens area and then lunch in main storage area)

I went from a shoulder bag to a backpack and don't think I could use my shoulder bag again, got it lying around somewhere I think.

Fits 5 lenses, Body with a lens on (my 70-300mm fits nicely attached to the body) and possibly a smallish flash, maybe not higher end ones, they are pretty chunky.

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What is your budget and where do you plan on purchasing it from? Online?

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