Amazon has new Xbox One consoles in stock again, along with game bundles [Update: Sold Out]

Last week, was the only online retail website in the US that was getting in new shipments of Microsoft's Xbox One console, and those units sold out within hours of the listing going live. Today, Amazon has some new Xbox One consoles for sale but this time they also have some units that are bundled with some of the launch games and accessories for the console.

The listing for the standard $499.99 version of the Xbox One warns that it will take between one to two days for the order to be processed, so if you are getting this as a Christmas present you might want to get your order in ASAP.

There's also another page on the Amazon site that shows several Xbox One bundles. Here's the full list with the included extras and prices:

  • Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5 and extra Wireless Controller Bundle - $619.91.
  • Xbox One with Dead Rising 3 and Ryse Bundle - $619.91
  • Xbox One with extra Wireless Controller Bundle - $559.95
  • Xbox One with Call of Duty Ghosts Bundle - $599.95
  • Xbox One with Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition Bundle - $599.99
  • Xbox One with Call of Duty: Ghosts Presige Edition Bundle - $699.98
  • Xbox One with Need For Speed Rivals Bundle - $548.98
  • Xbox One with Battlefield 4 Bundle - $559.98
  • Xbox One with Madden NFL 25 Bundle - $549.98

Amazon says the bundles are limited to one per customer.

Update: Once again, if you snooze, you lose. Amazon has now sold out of its standard Xbox One shipments and all of the bundle versions.

Update 2: Amazon's listing says more units will go on sale on Wednesday, December 18, which likely means they will be the last shipment before Christmas.

Source: Amazon | Image via Amazon

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