Amazon Instant Video now streams on the Xbox 360

Amazon has been offering free video streaming for years now, although until recently the selection has been relatively poor, although they are making inroads with recent deals such as the one with Paramount. While you’ve been able to stream to the PS3 for a while, the Xbox 360 has always been mysteriously absent. That is, until today: Xbox users can now download an app that allows them to watch videos through Amazon's streaming service.

The app allows you to watch anything you download from Amazon Instant Video, and Amazon Prime members will be able to watch “over 17,000 Prime Instant Videos at no additional cost.” The one catch is that, like most services, an Xbox Live Gold membership is required. If you have the Kinect, Amazon will also let you navigate the tool with gestures and voice.

It remains to be seen whether Amazon will be able to dethrone Netflix as the go-to source for streaming movies and television shows, but nobody can accuse them of not trying.

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