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Amazon's smartphone rumored for a June announcement

Last week, Amazon held a press event that led to the eventual release of Fire TV. For years, it has been rumored that Amazon would be releasing a smartphone that would compete in the already crowded market with the likes of Apple, Samsung, and others. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has steadily diversified Amazon's offerings by introducing hardware devices over the past couple of years. Today, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon will announce its smartphone device in June for an early holiday release in September.

According to the WSJ:

Amazon has been demonstrating versions of the handset to developers in San Francisco and its hometown Seattle in recent weeks. Amazon has been inviting select app and software developers to hotels to demonstrate the handset in suites protected by security guards.

While it isn't certain what kind of operating system this device will run, it is a high probability that Amazon might create another forked version of Android for the device. What is certain with people familiar with the device is that it will have a display that is capable of displaying three-dimensional images, without the use of glasses or special equipment. It will accomplish this by utilizing a retina tracking technology that will be embedded within the front facing cameras (four) and sensors. This effect would be similar to what can be currently seen on the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Wall Street JournalImage via Amazon

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