AMD slams Windows RT and Intel with new Z-60 APU reveal

A few days ago, AMD launched a "Ghost Hunters" video spoof which seemed to tease a new hardware announcement. Today, right on schedule, the PC processor company officially revealed the new its new Z-60 APU, which it says has been made for Windows 8-based tablets.

In a press release today, AMD said that the processor will have two cores, run at 1 GHz and have the company's Radeon HD 6250 graphics chip inside. It added:

The AMD Z-60 APU comes loaded with features designed to enhance the tablet experience, including AMD Start Now technology that allows fast boot and resume from sleep times, up to eight hours of battery life while Web browsing, and up to six hours of HD video playback. Just as impressive is the stunning visual quality delivered by the AMD Radeon graphics on the APU, with support for full HD 1080p resolution, HDMI output for external displays, and impressive gaming performance with Microsoft Direct X11 capability.

In a new blog post, AMD corporate VP Steve Belt also decided to take a shot at Windows RT-based tablets, running on processors made from ARM-based designs. Bolt says:

Yes, they will probably end up being in there among the more affordable options and their power management will be good. Where they may fall short is on experience and performance. I anticipate that compatibility with the full suite of legacy Windows applications is not going to be in place anytime soon. AMD’s support for x86 instructions and Windows application compatibility is an established strength and provides a clear advantage vs. the expected Windows RT offerings.

The blog post also pointed its fingers at its biggest rival Intel, which will have a number of Windows 8 tablet running on its chips. Bolt said that their prices would be too high for most people to afford and hinted that tablets based on AMD's chips would be cheaper. However, AMD has yet to reveal which Windows 8 tablets will have its processor inside. Hopefully we will get more information on that subject very soon.

Source: AMD

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