Apple and Intel may be building a smart-watch, fashion accessory

Wearable computers have been around for many years but none of them have managed to impact the market in a way that revolutionized how we interact with technology. While most computer watches have fizzled in the limelight, there is merit to the idea that you could wear a watch that connects to your phone to enhance the functionality of both devices.

Knowing that most have failed in this arena, but that there is also considerable interest in this market, new rumors are suggesting that Apple and Intel are linking up to build a watch that will support Bluetooth to connect to iOS devices.

The rumors also state that the device could arrive in the first half of 2013 and have a 1.5in OLED display.

It’s easy to see that if Apple could build a smartwatch with Siri built in, that the device could be a great companion to existing iOS devices. Imagine you are walking down the street, you get a phone call, you look at your watch to see who is calling you, hit ignore, then tell Siri to send a text to the person saying you will call them back later without taking your phone out of your pocket.

The linkup with Intel is a bit interesting too as we have previously heard rumors that Intel was courting Apple to let them build the next generation of CPUs for the iPad/iPhone. That information could be correct or it could be misconstrued as it went down the pipeline to really mean that Intel was working with Apple to build this smart watch.

While it will be several more months before we find out if this rumor is actually true, the idea is not implausible. But who knows, maybe the smart watch will turn into the next AppleTV that has been rumored to be released every quarter for the past few years.


Source: TGbus | Tech163

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