Apple and Samsung schedule patent settlement meeting

Apple and Samsung have been fighting in court all over the world in the past year, with each company accusing the other of violating various patents. Now the legal battle may be coming to a head very soon. FOSS Patents reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi are scheduled to go to a San Fransisco court room with their lawyers in tow on May 21st and May 22nd in an attempt to settle their disputes.

While it's more than possible that Apple and Samsung may not come to an agreement at this meeting, it's likely that the two companies may be getting tired of all of the money and time they are spending on lawyers and legal filings and want to get this issue over with. Indeed, FOSS Patents reports that Apple and Samsung have filed at least 50 initial claims against each other in 10 different countries.

Apple has attempted to ban the sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablets in many countries. As we have reported before, Apple was successful for a few months in 2011 in banning the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until a court finally ruled that the product could be put on sale in that country in December.

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