Check out how HoloLens might actually manage to keep you awake while watching golf

Minecraft or golf?

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a very impressive piece of kit, and the company is not shy about showing it and its capabilities off. That’s why the HoloLens made a number of appearances at the company’s recent Worldwide Partner Conference, including one demo created for golf lovers.

In an effort to show off how companies can use the HoloLens to entice users and create new experiences, Microsoft highlighted an impressive demo from the PGA. In it, a user is able to view a holographic overview of the entire course and get a real sense of the terrain. The user is then able to look around the virtual environment, see players’ shots, compare their performances and so on.

It’s a very impressive demo, though this isn’t the first time Microsoft has partnered with the PGA. The two have worked together previously, on supporting the Universal Windows Platform with a number of PGA apps, and Windows 10 even became the “official operating system of the PGA Tour”.

Still, sporting events, where users can see the whole field or pitch or environment and immerse themselves in the game via holograms seem like a prime target for HoloLens development. And who knows, maybe Microsoft’s next demo might even include something a bit more exciting than golf.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

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