CompuServe forums shutting down on December 15

A lot of time has passed since the birth of consumer internet, but during its inception, Compuserve was there and was the first major online service provider in the United States. The service was quite popular gaining incredible momentum during the 1980s and peaking in the very early 1990s. It was at this point that AOL emerged and undercut CompuServe's prices, swaying many, leaving the company in a pretty bad position by the late 90s. Eventually, the company was sold to AOL, and AOL was later purchased by Verizon.

But through it all, something important from CompuServe's past remained. At its prime, the forums were buzzing with users, full of energy and information. But, after so many decades, it appears that the forums will breathe its last breath on December 15. This is the day when it will be pulled offline and will be permanently laid to rest.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane or just want to peak at the past, be sure to head to forums prior to the December shut down date.

Source: Fast Company via Liliputing

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