Cortana will soon be able to track your packages

Microsoft released upon the world a technical preview of Windows 10 and even though Cortana does not work in this version, there are still assets related to the feature in the build. Because of this, you can crack open these files and take a look at what is coming down the pipe for the platform.

One of the new features that will be coming to Cortana in the near future is the ability to track your packages. The information comes from the bingconfiguration_en-us resource file and you can clearly see the 'parcel delivery' scenario in the file which hints that this feature is coming soon.

It's a small addition to the platform but with Microsoft adding these new features twice a month, they add up quickly to create a comprehensive platform. More so, it helps to give Cortana an edge over its competitors and seeing that it will be playing a role in Windows 10, making the platform robust ahead of its major launch on Windows 10 will help it to delight customers.

It goes without saying that Microsoft is deeply committed to Windows Phone and wants Cortana to become a cornerstone of not just the mobile platform but the entire Microsoft ecosystem. By pushing out updates at a regular and frequent cadence, it won't take long for the platform to quickly make its name known with consumers.

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