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Discuss: What games would you want to see on a 'Nintendo 64 Classic Edition'?

This week Nintendo announced that it would be releasing a miniaturized version of its Super Nintendo console, the Super NES Classic Edition. This comes as no surprise since the NES Classic Edition was such a hit, despite it being discontinued after a limited run. Although the SNES version will only arrive with 21 games, the titles are iconic, with the firm even throwing in a surprise bonus of the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, just to throw it over the top.

It is always tough to say, but there could be a chance that Nintendo will continue the retro trend next year and offer up a mini version of its Nintendo 64 console. After all, if these units sell like hotcakes, why not keep it going, right? The N64 might not have quite the library of games that the SNES did, but it still had some stellar titles during its run, like GoldenEye 007, Mario Kart 64, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and more.

Although it may never arrive, if Nintendo were to release a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, there is the inevitable question of how many games it should come with and what titles might be offered. So, if this comes to fruition, what will you expect from Nintendo? How many games would you expect to see on the console (15, 20, 25)? What games would be essential in making it a success? Also last, but certainly not least, what price point would you like to see it at ($99)? Be sure to chime in on the comments down below!

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