E3 2011: The banners are going up

Today is the day that most members of the media arrive in Los Angeles to begin their coverage of E3 2011. But well before the journalists arrive, construction crews have already been working for days putting together the exhibits and other items to make the LA Convention Center the number one place to be for the gaming industry. Neowin walked over to the convention center to see what has been assembled so far.

The banners advertising upcoming console and PC game hit you well before you actually get to the convention center. A few blocks away Capcom has already set up banners to promote their Street Fighter-Tekken fighting game crossover along with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The LA Live entertainment complex, just a couple of blocks away from the convention center, is running videos promoting Gears of War and upcoming Square Enix titles such as Dungeon Siege III and Deus Ex Human Evolution. As we have reported before a local hotel also has a big ad for The Elders Scrolls V Skyrim painted on one of its sides.

Outside the convention center itself, things are still in construction mode but we were able to see huge banners for upcoming games like Battlefield 3, Prey 2, Saints Row The Third. and especially Assassin's Creed Revelations. Ubisoft's upcoming action game has a banner so long we couldn't fit it into one picture.

Inside ... well let's say that the convention center's security team is on the watch for anyone taking pictures of what's going on. They are yelling out to journalists not to take pictures inside. That's why, at least for now, all of our E3 2011 banner pictures are firmly on the outside of the convention center. Speaking of which, Dell's Alienware unit has set up a customized Hummer outside for some kind of exhibit. We also saw some large monster figures that were packed up and ready to be transported inside. And we have been told that the World of Tanks development team will be bringing in real tanks to be put outside as well.

We will bring you more updates from E3 2011 all this week. Stay tuned.

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