E3 2013: Sony's PlayStation 4 press event live blog

It's our fourth stop in our E3 2013 press conference day. We have arrived at the Los Angeles Coliseum in, naturally, Los Angeles to see what Sony will show us at their E3 press event, where they will reveal more on their plans for the PlayStation 4. It will begin at 6 pm Pacific time (9 pm Eastern time). Stay tuned!

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Neowin Live - This event has concluded

01:11 John Callaham Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
01:12 John Callaham As you can tell, Sony is running a little late tonight
01:13 John Callaham However, the Memorial Sports Arena is a lively place with people on stage playing versions of upcoming PS4 games
01:14 John Callaham Hopefully we should start soon-ish
01:15 John Callaham The games that are beng shown are the new Killzone and inFAMOUS games
01:16 John Callaham we are starting
01:16 John Callaham we are starting
01:17 John Callaham Playstation logo animations
01:17 John Callaham Playstation logo animations
01:18 John Callaham people are playing in the Playstation button symbols
01:18 John Callaham Now a montage of Playstation game footage
01:20 John Callaham Jack Tretton is on stage
01:57 John Callaham sorry..Internet problems again
01:57 John Callaham Yes, they showed the PS4
01:57 John Callaham Yes, they showed the PS4
01:58 John Callaham yes they showed what looks like a steampunk action game called The Order
01:59 John Callaham Yes, new footage from Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, InFamous Second Son and Driveclub were shown
01:59 John Callaham Killzone, Driveclub and Knack are all launch titles with InFamous is coming Q1 2014
01:59 John Callaham The Dark Sourcerer is now being shown
02:01 John Callaham This game looks like a 1970s fantasy sword and sourcery movie
02:01 John Callaham But it looks good
02:01 John Callaham Haha..it's all a movie set
02:02 John Callaham not quite sure what to expect but more info will be revealed tomorrow
02:05 John Callaham Now we are getting news on smaller indie titles
02:59 John Callaham sorry very poor Internet connection. I will post my thoughts on the PS4 event Tuesday
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