Epic Games Store roadmap reveals what features are being worked on

Epic Games Store may have a bunch of exclusives lined up but the store itself is not exactly feature rich yet, with it only recently getting even a search function for games, which is understandable considering the low volume of games currently available.

However, Epic today revealed what features are currently in development for the store moving forward through a newly made public Trello board that acts as a handy roadmap, showcasing its near, mid, and long term plans.

First, there's a handful of recently shipped features that include regional pricing, pre-loading support, the aforementioned search bar, and offline mode. But, things get more interesting as we look at the Near Term section, which spans the next three months or so.

Epic plans to implement an entire store redesign, cloud saves, DLC support, in-house video hosting instead of relying on YouTube, and improvements to the search and offline modes, among other features in this time frame.

Moving on to the 4-6 month range has the developer planning to add even more highly requested features, such as user reviews, wishlists, mod support, and games bundles that reduce prices depending on how many games the user already owns, similar to Steam. It also plans to bring in an in-game overlay, additional currencies and payment methods, news feeds for games, and other store improvements.

In the long term - at least six months down the line - Epic has achievements, a shopping cart feature, and a complete redesign of the social elements coming in. Meanwhile, features such as automated refunds, gifting, and an Android version of the Epic Games Store are without exact timeframes, being situated in the Date TBD section.

Don't forget that these timeframes are still estimates, and changes can happen while in development. The bi-weekly giveaways of the store are still going on as well, which currently has Slime Rancher up for grabs for free.

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