Fox issues DMCA takedown against the original YouTube clip it put into Family Guy

YouTube is an amazing resource when it comes to finding video game walkthroughs as well as providing proof of Easter eggs and glitches. However, Fox has seemingly managed to pull off the ultimate in paradoxes against an innocent YouTube user.

In last week's Family Guy episode, 'Run, Chris, Run', Peter challenges Cleveland to a celebratory match of Double Dribble. Cleveland accepts the challenge upon the proviso that neither of them make any "stupid ass shots from the corner because that's a glitch in the software." However, before that condition of the challenge can be discussed let alone accepted, the game begins. At this point in the episode, the show cuts to the Double Dribble match where Peter proceeds to exploit said glitch.

What has come to light is that the Double Dribble footage was copied from an original video uploaded by YouTube user 'sw1tched'. The original intent of sw1tched's video was to show the three point shot exploit in action after he and his brothers had used it to their advantage back in the 80s.

In an ironic and perhaps infuriating twist, in the days after the Family Guy episode had aired, sw1tched's video was blocked by YouTube on copyright grounds after receiving a complaint from Fox. That's right, the original content that had been lifted from YouTube and edited into Family Guy ended up being taken down after Fox claimed copyright.

Fortunately, after users had alerted Seth MacFarlane to the issue, the basketball clip was restored after Fox withdrew its claim and the video has since doubled its number of views to over 250,000 at the time of writing.

While common sense has prevailed, this incident is simply the latest example of incorrect takedowns, including a video demonstrating how to use Windows 8.1 targeted by Microsoft for having stolen product keys in the comments section.

Source: TorrentFreak

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