'Gates' parody movie trailer stars Clippy and IBM

Starring Aston Kutcher, the recently released biopic, 'JOBS' has come under scrutiny from both critics and ex-Apple employees for its inaccuracies and uninspired structure. As a huge disappointment for both fans and geeks alike, 'JOBS' has left us dreaming of a superior account of computing in the 80's. That such film is here in trailer form, as a hilarious parody of Bill Gates' rise in Microsoft, with our best and most helpful friend, Clippy. Don't be offended, Windows fanboys!

The trailer, from channel Official Comedy draws parallels with the trailer to 'JOBS', twisting quotes and portraying Bill Gates as a person far friendlier than the ruthless Steve Jobs. "No, I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, you can stay," Gates apologises after screaming "Get out" to an employee who disagreed with him. We also see Gates falling in love, but with a paperclip, which in virtual form would later help him answer life decisions.

Presenting Windows as a mundane operating system, we see Gates' version of the famous: "Here's to the crazy ones" advert, entitled, "Here's to the normal ones." Other references from the time include use of IBM computers, a company which both Apple and Microsoft spent decades trying to outdo. 

This satire is smart yet brutal, and from the YouTube comments we can see that the internet still hasn't solved the 'Mac vs. PC' debate, which I predict will be rife in the comments of this article too. So sit back and do your best to enjoy this not-so-inspiring tale.

Source: Official Comedy on Youtube

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