Gigabyte 400-series Motherboards for Intel Comet Lake-S spotted at EEC

In the last couple of years, competition for Intel in the desktop CPU space has been growing thanks to a resurgent AMD. The latter has adopted a tenacious strategy of adding more cores, which has also forced Intel to do the same, and at a pace much faster than the Santa Clara-headquartered firm was previously used to.

To combat the newfound competition, Intel is gearing up to refresh its desktop CPU and motherboard offerings with Comet Lake-S CPUs and 400-series chipset motherboards. The latter is now confirmed thanks to the listings of Gigabyte's upcoming models spotted in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC)'s database.

From the leak, it appears that Intel has slightly altered the naming scheme of the upcoming chipset variants. The _70 series which was previously prefixed by Z- is now led by the H- prefix. There is also the appearance of a new "Q-" prefix chipset model.

The names of the leaked models have been summarized below:

GIGABYTE 400 Series Motherboard models
Z490 H470/Q470 B460 H410
Z490 Aorus Elite H470M DS3H B460M Aorus Pro H410M HD3
Z490 Gaming X H470M D3H B460M Gaming HD H410M H
Z490M Gaming X H470 HD3 B460M Power H410M D2VX SI
Z490M DS3H Q470M D3H B460M DS3H H410M DS2V
Z490 D B460M D3H H410M DS2
Z490 UD B460M D3P H410M S2
B460M D3V H410M S2H
B460 HD3 H410M S2P
B460M D2VX SI H410M S2V
B460M D2V H410M A
H410 D3

Pricing and availability of these are unknown at this point. It is rumored that the Comet Lake-S CPUs is launching sometime in Q1 2020 which leads us to believe that the motherboards should also come out around the same time frame.

Source: Videocardz| Image: Twitter

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