Hands on: Avita makes aluminum laptops that are completely customizable

If you're a company that wants to make a clamshell laptop, it's hard to make a product that stands out. Most of what we see on the market are aluminum unibody designs that look like a MacBook.

Avita has come up with a somewhat unique solution, a laptop that you can customize to your liking. In the United States, these devices come in six colors, although there are over a dozen in China, where these PCs have historically been sold.

One of the things that stood out to me is that these aren't cheap, plastic bodies, something you might expect when it comes to colorful devices. They're all aluminum. And that also means that the designs you see aren't just stickers. They're actually printed on the device.

The PCs I saw include the 12.5-inch Liber, the 14-inch Clarus, and another 13.3-inch model. They all have fingerprint sensors for Windows Hello, and up to eighth-gen Intel Core processors. I say "up to" because there were some spec sheets that show seventh-gen Y-series processors and Celerons.

Fortunately, it seems that the Intel Celeron and 4GB RAM models aren't the ones being sold in the U.S., justifying the $700 starting price tag. I was told that they're available from Amazon and Walmart, although if you buy one off the shelf at Walmart, you obviously won't get the customized design.

If you want to check out Avita's Liber laptops on Amazon, you can find them here, or you can find the Clarus here. You can also find them on Avita's website.

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