iPhone OS 4.0 event announced for April 8

A mere two days after the release of the iPad, Apple has already announced a preview of the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 which will be shown at an event on April 8th at 10AM PT. While details of the OS are non-existent right now, previous reports have hinted at an Exposé-like implementation of true multitasking, despite Apple's consistent public dismissal of true multitasking on a mobile device. One of the biggest complaints about the iPad is its lack of multitasking and Flash, so there is a possibility Apple is holding this event soon after the iPad launch to encourage early adoption.

Previous x.0 updates have been no small deal, with OS 2.0 bringing the App Store and OS 3.0 adding a lot of much-needed features, specifically Copy and Paste. One thing that's for certain is Apple will definitely need to show something big in order to keep the iPhone competitive. With growing competition from Android-based smartphones and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, the consumer has a lot of choice.

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