Is this Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 device?

Two images of a purported Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia have leaked online. One of the new images shows the new start screen featured in Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8; the other shows the device's shutdown screen.

Earlier today, WPDang posted images of what appears to be a device featuring a Lumia 800/900-style case in a yellow color identical to one Nokia offers. An engraving at the bottom of the device reads "" According to the site, the images were on a Chinese microblogging site called Sina. The user who uploaded images of the device claims it will launch in September, which would mesh with earlier rumors that Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 devices would be revealed on September 5.

While the user who uploaded the device stated it's running Windows Phone 8, it could merely be running Windows Phone 7.8, which will also feature Microsoft's new smartphone start screen. The user who uploaded the images deleted his Sina account following their posting on WPDang.

Via: BGR
Source: WPDang | Image via WPDang

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