Leaked Sprint document confirms no plans for new Windows Phones

Earlier today, we reported on the joyous news that Verizon Wireless customers will be offering "multiple Windows Phones" before the end of the year - a considerable improvement, considering that Big Red has only ever offered a single first-generation Windows Phone device, the less-than-thrilling HTC Trophy.

Customers on Sprint may well have been encouraged by this development but Sprint is another carrier that hasn't exactly given its full-throated support to Microsoft's mobile OS; it stopped selling its one and only Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive, last month.

But a Sprint internal training document leaked to WinSource appears to confirm that America's third-largest carrier has no plans to launch new Windows Phone handsets any time soon.

The document - assuming it is authentic - appears to have been written by someone with limited understanding of the OS. Under the subheading "Windows 8", it states that "there's buzz about this platform, which includes PCs, tablets and a Windows 8 phone". Not the most knowledgeable of commentary there, and all the more absurd given that it sits under a section entitled "Know the Facts".

It adds that the carrier is "evaluating this new OS and working with Microsoft on potential opportunities" but that there are "no announcements regarding Windows 8 devices at this time". Perhaps it's all for the best though - since Sprint seems to believe there's only one 'Windows 8 phone' on the cards and it appears that their commitment to the Windows Phone platform remains just as half-assed as it's ever been.

Source: WinSource | Top image via Sprint

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