Lenovo promotes Yoga 11S with a silhouette dance video

Lenovo has already started taking orders for its Yoga 11S convertible PC, and now the PC maker has started a new TV commercial campaign that tries to sell people on the Windows 8 device in an unusual way.

The commercial, as uploaded on Lenovo's YouTube channel, centers on a dance performed by THE SILHOUETTES group which, as you might guess by the name, perform behind a white lighted sheet so the dancers can appear to create shapes with their bodies. In this case, the shapes at first don't seem to have much in common with an 11 inch notebook-tablet hybrid.

The final part of the commercial does show the dancers forming what looks like airplane seats, while the passengers use their Lenovo Yoga 11S in its four positions (laptop, stand, tent and tablet). Then the dancers form the word "Yoga" from their bodies which then ... well, we will keep the last bit of a video as a surprise.

Lenovo's Facebook page says the PC maker is looking for someone to pick a name for the dance shown in the video, and suggestions are being taken on the Facebook site. Lenovo promises "worldwide recognition" for the person who has the winning dance name idea. Hopefully the company will come up with something a little more substantial, like an actual Yoga 11S to give out.

Source: Lenovo on YouTube

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