LG: No more Windows Phones, for now

LG has never really thrown itself into the Windows Phone ecosystem like some other manufacturers, like Nokia, HTC and even Samsung. Its first-generation Windows Phone 7 devices - the Optimus 7 and US-only QWERTY-equipped Quantum - didn't exactly wow the crowds; their lacklustre displays and low-rent look and feel saw LG capture only a small fraction of the already-tiny Windows Phone market.

The clearest indication of LG's shrinking interest in the platform was the company's one and only second-generation handset. While other manufacturers were launching new devices to coincide with the major OS improvements brought in Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango', LG launched the E906 (bizarrely marketed as a 'designer' device despite just being an Optimus 7 in light drag). When it came to Windows Phone, LG wasn't really trying any more.

It's designer!

We heard earlier this year of a new Windows Phone en route, the Miracle, but its launched turned out to be a miracle too far, as we soon learned of rumours claiming that LG had now turned its back on Windows Phone. A few raised their eyebrows when it appeared that those rumours might have been untrue, but since then, we've heard nothing of LG's plans for Microsoft's mobile OS - although we did report that LG seems to have put several of its tablet products on hold, following Microsoft's Surface tablet announcement.

Indeed, since then, all we've seen from LG's mobile division is a steady stream of Android devices, and it seems that that's how it's going to stay. At the launch of the Optimus G last week, CNET reports that Jong Seok, CEO of LG Mobile Communications, said that the company has "no specific plans for other mobile platforms". Following the endless speculation over the firm's future in the Windows Phone ecosystem, this finally appears to confirm that LG is putting all of its eggs in the Android basket.

His comments come weeks after LG started shipping Android handsets to owners of its Windows Phones seeking warranty repair or replacement, as stocks of its Windows Phone handsets are now depleted, as WMPowerUser reported.

Source: CNET | Image edited from an original via Pockethacks

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