Lumia 928 goes mic to mic against Samsung's Galaxy S III in live concert video

We've seen how the upcoming Lumia 928 performs when it comes to filming in low-light thanks to a video posted yesterday. However, it seems Nokia wants to show off even more of what the phone is capable and as such we have a new video that highlights the Lumia 928's superior sound recording technology.

The video shows the Lumia 928 and Samsung's Galaxy S III going head to head while recording a live concert in New York. Then we get to listen to the resulting recording. Evidently the Lumia 928 ends up being the superior product with a lot less distortion and better sound quality.

Like it's older brother, the Lumia 920, Nokia's upcoming Lumia 928 uses High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC) technology, and as such it easily ends up sounding far better than competing smartphones.

The only thing that's actually left for Nokia to do now is to announce and launch this phone and that's expected to happen next week.

Source: Nokia (Youtube) | Image via Nokia

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