Many Facebook users slam revamped News Feed

Change is hard, especially if you are a big Facebook user. The social networking web site decided to make a major change in its News Feed feature on Tuesday, with the site automatically selecting which posts from friends are considered "top stories" and putting them on top of a user's news feed instead of having the posts appear in chronological order. The change has been met with lots of protests from many Facebook users, some of which posted up their complaints on, where else, their Facebook page.

A number of Neowin readers also posted up comments stating their issues with the changes in our first news story. One such comment came from "+Chicane-UK" who wrote, "Horrendous. Do they even test this stuff? I just want my news feed unfiltered and in chronological order.. it seems to much to ask. I'll decide what news is important to me. I don't want Facebook to try and do it for me."

A Facebook spokesperson told USA Today, "Our goal with these improvements is to make it easier for people to keep up with their friends no matter how frequently or infrequently they visit Facebook — and to make sure they never miss important updates." The spokesperson added that it still gathers feedback on all of Facebook's features and will continue to issue improvements.

These new changes come on the eve of Facebook's f8 developers conference which will begin later today. The event is supposed to feature a number of other announcements which might include Facebook's new music service, an agreement with a video streaming service such as Hulu and more.

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