Microsoft: 350 million Windows 7 devices to be shipped this year

Windows 7 has been another successful platform for Microsoft as the rock solid OS won the hearts of many after their tribulations with Vista. Having sold hundreds of millions of copies of the OS, Microsoft is now predicting that 350 million devices will be sold this year running Windows 7, a phenomenal number.

What is driving all of this growth? According to Bloomberg, corporate demand has been a key driver of success and is currently exceeding the company’s estimates. Steve Ballmer said that this will make Windows 7 the “most single popular system” on the market.

While Windows 7 is selling at a tremendous rate, Microsoft is about to launch its next generation of Windows, Windows 8. The upcoming OS is a stark contrast to Microsoft’s traditional offerings and goes as far as to remove the iconic start button.

The OS is not expected to hit retail until sometime this fall, most speculate in October, and it will also bring with it Microsoft’s tablet OS that will finally compete with the iPad and Android tablets.

As we sail off in to the Metro-fied sunrise of Windows 8, Windows 7 will keep the profits flowing until the next platform arises. If this report is any indication, it looks like Microsoft is on track to continue is healthy fiscal track right up to and through the launch of Windows 8. 

Image Credit: Onyx, show us your desktop thread

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