Microsoft has made Windows 8.1 Bing Smart Search even smarter

Microsoft integrated its Bing search engine inside Windows 8.1 when the operating system update was released in October. Today, the company announced it will be rolling out some improvements to Bing Smart Search this week that are designed to make it easier to find answers to common questions.

The official Bing blog states:

Have you ever tried to get something done on your device but you weren’t exactly sure what you were looking for? For instance, how do I take a screenshot or how do set-up a printer? Based on the most common tasks people perform on Windows 8, we are taking steps to allow Smart Search to showcase results based on natural language understanding.

As the screenshots above show, the improved Bing Smart Search will direct users to the device setting feature in Windows 8.1 if they type in "install a printer". They can also type "my screen is to bright" so that the search engine can bring up the "change screen brightness" selection. This demonstrates that the company is taking steps to move the typical "help" functions in Windows to the Bing search engine.

Microsoft has also done some work to help Bing Smart Search determine what the user wants even if a word is spelled incorrectly. The improvements will be rolled out without the need for Windows 8.1 PCs to download a client update for the operating system, according to Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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