Microsoft launches new video search features on Bing in US

In 2012, Microsoft launched a new video search mode for Bing, allowing for larger previews of Internet clips and infinite scroll for search results. Today, Microsoft has launched an all new video search interface on Bing (just for U.S. users at first) that adds even more new features and improvements.

The Bing blog has the details of what's been changed and improved, including even larger and higher resolution previews of video clips when displayed on the site. Rolling the cursor over a video thumbnail will now "pop out" a larger preview version of the clip, along with a volume control so that users can reduce or increase the sound of the preview.

Microsoft adds, "We also expanded the information displayed about a video to speed up your search and now show favicons from the top sites, view counts, descriptions, and bold your search terms in the titles." Search filters have been updated to add options for video resolutions and dates. Finally, the Bing site now adds an overlay when a video is selected to the search results so that users can quickly go to the next video in the search collection, while also seeing related search results to the right of the overlay.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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