Microsoft offers more info on Outlook Web App

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched its new email web service, However, the Outlook brand name is also used for another web-based service, the Outlook Web App that's part of its Office 2013 family. Microsoft has now revealed more information about the new version of the web app, which is geared toward the enterprise market, will function.

In a new post on the Office Next blog, Microsoft says that the Outlook Web App scales its user interface depending on the hardware and display. Large PC monitors and laptops get a layout based on working with a keyboard and mouse and tablets get a UI based on touch input and smartphones, with their smaller displays, get a narrower version of the touch UI.

As with many of Microsoft's products, the Outlook Web App is adopting the same UI that Windows 8 uses (and will apparently get a rebranding after previously using the name "Metro"). The new version also allows users to work even while offline from the Internet via a web browser.

The blog post also covers other new features, such as support for new third party Outlook Apps, better email and calendar support more. The blog post ends with Microsoft stating that Outlook now refers to a whole family of software products and services, including the new It states:

We think of it as a communications hub that can bring many of your different information sources together in one place. Our set of Outlook branded experiences are designed to help you easily stay in touch with those people you most care about, collaborate with those you need to get things done with, protect you from spam email, stay on top of the information that matters most, and manage your time more effectively.

Source: Office Next blog | Image via Microsoft

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