Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.19 with a whole lot of fixes

Microsoft today released version 0.19 of PowerToys, its collection of utilities and tools for power users on Windows 10. Despite being a "major" release in the timeline, there are no new features in this version, and it focuses exclusively on adding bug fixes and quality improvements. This comes after last month's version 0.18, which added PowerToys Run and Keyboard Manager to the suite of tools, and that release already had two minor bug fix updates.

The list of fixes in this release is lengthy, and the biggest focus on PowerToys Run. PWAs are now recognized, Steam games will now show up in results, as will hidden files, and a bug that prevented Windows Terminal from being found was also fixed. The team switched to low-level hooks with this release, so it's now possible to set keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key, but Microsoft says this "can be quirky" with PowerToys Run.

In fact, there are still a couple of known issues with PowerToys Run, including newly-installed apps not showing up and issues with CPU and memory usage. Microsoft has a fix for the former, but it didn't make it to this release, and as for the CPU and memory issues, the company is still investigating.

The fixes for many of the other tools, including PowerRename, Keyboard Manager, and FancyZones. These include better recognition of remapped keys in games, and fixes to FancyZones when using virtual desktops. The app's settings and the installer itself have also had a fair amount of issues fixed with this release.

If you're interested in the full list of fixes, you can find it on GitHub, where you can also download the latest version of PowerToys.

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