Microsoft spotlights new Windows 8 apps at DEMO Mobile event

In January, Microsoft announced the Windows Startup Challenge, which was designed to help third party software developers make quality Windows 8 apps. After developers sent in a video with a proposal for their app, Microsoft picked the best ones and then assigned a mentor to help turn the proposals into real Windows 8 apps.

The grand prize was to have their apps shown off at this week's DEMO Mobile conference. This week, the official Microsoft blog put the spotlight on those apps. One is TouchMail, shown above, an email client designed to be used by touchscreen products that was developed by Seattle-based da Vinci's Garage.

Another app shown at DEMO Mobile was KinectHealth, a fitness-themed app that offers videos to help its users lose and keep track of their weight. New exercise videos are available for the app every month. Its developer, Bob Summers, says that KinectHealth could be a replacement for all those P90X or Insanity DVD exercise programs that are seen in those late night infomercials.

Yet another app shown at the conference was Envvied, which was made to help people buy the clothes and fashion that they might encounter in online photos. The app also allows people to create a wishlist of their favorite fashion looks and send them to their friends.

Finally, Microsoft showed off Linxi Bookmarks, an app created to keep all of a user's favorite websites in one place with a Modern UI design, while keeping the Windows 8 Start screen free of clutter. The sites can be grouped into different boxes and can be searched and edited. They can also sync those bookmarks with other PCs.

Source: Microsoft | Images via Microsoft

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