Microsoft Store site out of 32GB Surface 2 and 512GB Surface Pro 2

Microsoft started taking orders for both the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets from Microsoft in late September, before the tablets launched in mid-October. While Microsoft has yet to offer up any concrete information on the sales of the new products, the company's official retail website is currently experiencing shortages on two of the models.

The Microsoft Store site shows that the $449 32GB version of the Surface 2 is "out of stock", while the 512GB Surface Pro 2, priced at $1,799, is also "out of stock". In addition, the 256GB version, priced at $1,299, is still showing it won't ship for current orders until December 15th, which is the same time frame that the tablet had a month ago.

Microsoft has also added some incentives for people to purchase the Surface tablets from their website. The original 64GB Surface, previously known as the Surface RT, has received a $50 price cut down to $399. Also, people who buy the 64GB Surface 2 and a Type Cover 2 will receive a free Touch Cover, a $79.99 value. Finally, a purchase of any version of the Surface Pro 2 is eligible to receive a bundle that includes Office 365 Home Premium, the Complete for Surface Pro 2-year warranty, a Cyan Touch Cover, and a Surface Pro Screen Protector for an extra $269. The price for all of those items would cost a total of $348.97, if purchased separately.

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Microsoft

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