Microsoft Store team members still need training on Windows 8 vs. RT

Microsoft has got a lot riding on the launch of both Windows 8 and its Surface tablet next week. Microsoft Store employees in the US and Canada will begin to sell the tablet in its retail stores on October 26th. But many of those same employees don't seem to be aware of just what they are attempting to sell to consumers.

The Verge reports that, based on chatting on the phone with employees at several Microsoft Store locations, as well as online, it appears that many of their store's team members don't seem to know the basic differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT. That will certain affect how they will sell devices such as the Windows RT-based Surface tablet.

One Microsoft rep told the site that, in terms of Windows 8 and Windows RT, "They're pretty much the same thing, there is no real huge difference beside the RT is more touch friendly." Many of the team members seemed to be unaware that Windows RT cannot run any of the software that have been made for previous versions of Windows, and thus can't be run on the Surface.

It's more than possible that Microsoft Store employees will be trained to tell customers the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT before the launch of Surface next week. But with Microsoft already advertising the Surface and taking pre-orders, the company looks like it will need to act quickly before people purchase the tablet, thinking they will be able to run any old Windows program on it.

If you missed the video we posted on Monday, you can view it below.

Source: The Verge

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