Microsoft Store to offer free Nokia Camera Grip with Lumia 1020

As cool as the 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 seems to be, it will likely be even cooler if the owners decide to pay an extra $79 for the optional Nokia Camera Grip. Today, it was revealed that Microsoft is offering a way to get the camera grip for free.

The pre-order page on the Microsoft Store site reveals its free camera grip offer, which naturally requires that Lumia 1020 buyers also get a new two year contract from AT&T. The actual pre-orders go live on July 16th. The page says there will be limited quantities of the camera grip available but, as usual, there's no specific unit numbers revealed.

The camera grip for the Lumia 1020 will come in the same colors as the phone itself (yellow, black and white) and will clip to the back of the phone so that users can operate the camera by just holding it in one hand. It also includes a two-stage shutter key for manual picture taking and a universal tripod mount on the bottom. Finally, the camera grip is also an extended battery for the Lumia 1020, with Nokia claiming it will add up to 35 percent more battery life to the smartphone.

Source: Microsoft Store via | Image via Nokia

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