Microsoft Surface coming to Australia, exclusive retail deal in the works?

As Microsoft gets ready to launch the Surface, new details about the product are bubbling up as each day passes. Earlier this week Ballmer stated that the Surface pricing would be between $300-800 and now it looks like Australia will be getting the tablet around the launch of Windows 8 GA too.

WPdownunder, who is 1/1 on rumor reporting via Tracour, states that Surface will launch in Australia on October 26th and that Microsoft is currently working a deal with an unnamed retailer for exclusivity at launch. The issue Microsoft faces in many markets (nearly all markets outside the US), is that they have limited distribution channels for selling the Surface. Seeing as the Surface will only be sold directly from Microsoft Stores in the US, the company is either limited to online sales or must partner with retailers in other parts of the world to get its products into consumers hands.

If the rumor is accurate, then it would look like Microsoft is preparing for a global launch of the Surface. Currently, there is a bit of confusion about exactly where the Surface RT will go on sale at the end of October.

Microsoft has been a bit coy with the details around the Surface RT launch that will be here in about 6 weeks and hopefully soon, Microsoft will come clean with all of the details. 

Source: WPdownunder

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