Microsoft's latest TV ad takes a jab at Apple for not offering touchscreen Macs

Microsoft's "Honestly" series of television commercials have been popping up on our screens for the past few months, and most of them try to make comparisons to other products made by Apple and Google. The latest such ad continues that trend, as it makes a gentle poke at Apple for not offering any touchscreen Macs.

Of course, the iMac line is one of the most well know examples of an "all-in-one" PC. However, Microsoft's new commercial, as posted on YouTube, tries to make the case that many people would like to have an AiO like the HP that not only has a touchscreen but can also be used as a large stand-alone tablet.

The example shown in the ad is the HP Envy Rove 20, which depicts a woman planning her wedding. Her friends can place the 20-inch screen on their laps or on a table as they find the perfect dress on Pinterest, check out possible music bands for the big day and more, while the bride claims that she can use it to keep everything within her budget.

The touchscreen comparison between Windows 8.1 and Mac is certainly a valid one and Apple has made no indication they plan to put in that kind of a feature in any of its PC products. It remains to be seen if these kinds of commercials are truly effective at selling PCs with Windows 8.1 installed.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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