More Google bloat heading to non-Nexus devices

Android-based device manufacturers will soon be required to include more Google apps out of the box as part of Google's new contracts with manufacturers.

According to a report published by The Information, Google is going to increase the number of its own preloaded apps on non-Nexus devices to as much as 20 from the current number which stands below 10. Samsung, HTC and Huawei are a few of the manufacturers who will be given such a contract.

A normal Android smartphone generally comes preloaded with certain essential Google apps such as Gmail, Hangouts, Google Play Store and Services, Google Maps, Google Search and YouTube. However, the new requirement is expected to push the number way up. Additionally, it has been revealed that these apps are expected to be shown front and center on the devices to increase user awareness.

Some of the manufacturers do include other Google apps such as Google Drive, Movies, Newsstand and Docs but it has not been mandatory for them to do so until now. Although, most of the preloaded apps can be disabled on newer versions of Android, they do take up precious internal storage and can be an annoyance as manufacturers choose to include their own apps which effectively do the same functions as well.

Source: The Information (Registration required) via GSMArena

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